Kych & co.

Home improvement for the busy professional.

What We Delivered


The Brand

Kych & Co. is a full service design and construction company, who’s primary focus is residential home improvement. With their innovative approach to the overall design and construction process of home renovations, Kych & Co. prides itself on delivering a turn-key hassle-free service to its clients. 





The Brand Identity

With the overall character and mood of the brand having a more buttoned-up, minimal, and ultimately upscale feel, we elected to stick within those paramateres when creating the logo as well. A wordmark was used as the primary logo of the brand as it perfectly captures and personifies the character of the brand based on the customized typeface used. 

Kych & Co. uses a very innovative and proven project management process that has helped it dramatically streamline the management of projects so well that they eventually plan to release their PM process to the public. We wanted to speak to their level of innovation within the brand identity, and we did so with the use of geometric angles, shapes, and even custom patterns. 

All of this coupled together made for an excellent marriage that created a sophisticated word mark that perfectly represents the brand it portrays – Kych & Co.











This custom seamless pattern is design with triangular shapes to represent the brand’s cutting-edge innovation. It also serves as an additional design element that can be used throughout the brand application. 

Pattern - Filled

Pattern - Outlined


Manrope Font Family







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