Creating unique investment opportunities.

In partnership with Noir Spade


UI/UX Design

The Challenge

As a growing financial company, Noir Partner was in desperate need to create an online platform that would enable both them and their fast growing list of clients to manage all their investment and loan accounts.

Our Approach

Our solution was to create a web application that would act as the one centralized location where all parties would access everything pertaining to their financial accounts. Within the web application we created complex logic allowing users to manage, renew and cash out their investments. Some additional features we created include in-app messaging, multiple reports, user logs,  member management and third party integrations just to name a few.

The Result

As a result of the web application we created and our continued partnership and management of the platform, Noir Partner has been able to exponentially scale their company both in revenue and clientele, allowing them to enjoy steadied success.


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