Under Angels Wings


Under Angels Wings will be a center that specializes in providing services for individuals with special needs as well as physical and intellectual disabilities.

Being a company that deals on being dedicated care givers to their clients, customers and or patients, we focused on designing the logo to be metaphorically representative of the care giver. The icon of an angel was used in an abstract and minimal form to symbolize, not only the care giver, but also all the other attributes that the company embodies. The gender and ethinical neutrality of the angel allows it to speak and relate to people of all walks of life.

What We Did

Logo Design


In business, the color blue depicts, knowledge, tranquility, security, and trust.

Light blue is associated with health, healing, peace, understanding, and softness.

Seeing as how UAW offers a sense of care, comfort and protection the use of both light blue and a dark blue, along with white, best denote all of those qualities.