website maintenance agreement

The Wedding Planner & Lifestyle Magazine (WPLM) Website Maintenance Package consists of an unlimited amount of maintenance related tasks per month (See “Descriptions” below for maintenance related tasks) and 7 days a week monitoring of the client's website.

Monthly maintenance of the client’s website will be done at an agreed monthly rate of $100.00 per month. If the client wishes, they can pay in advance for the year at a discounted price of $1150.00. If the client chooses to go with the annual one time payment for the maintenance fee, that payment must be made before any maintenance related tasks can be made. (See “Descriptions” below for maintenance related tasks.)

In the event of a late monthly payment, no services will be provided by Spade Designs for said client. A monthly payment is deemed late 2 weeks passed the original payment due date.

The turnaround time for a singular maintenance related task will be between 5 to 7 business days. If possible, the task can/will be completed earlier than said timeline, but never after the scheduled 7 business days unless otherwise agreed upon with client(s).

Spade Designs ensures that, except for anything that was given by the client to incorporate into the design(s): (a) Spade Designs’ work will be original and will not be copied in whole or in part from any other work; (b) Spade Designs owns the rights that will be given to the client under this agreement, or has secured such rights to any third-party content incorporated into the final design(s); and (c) this work does not violate the patent, copyright, trade secret or other property right of any person, firm or entity. Spade Designs promises that this agreement does not conflict with any other contract, agreement or understanding to which Spade Designs is a party. 

All information provided to Spade Designs by the client (such as proprietary, technical, personal or business information), will not be disclosed to any third party except as may be required by a court or governmental authority.

During this agreement, if either party wishes to terminate the agreement for any reason, a month’s notice must be given prior to termination. After the month period is over, a letter will be delivered to the client to confirm the termination of services. If the client wishes to terminate the agreement without wanting to wait the month long period, then an additional termination fee of $100.00 will apply, and that fee must be paid before the agreement can be terminated. Once that fee is paid, a letter will be delivered to the client to confirm the termination of services and this contract.

The duration of this contract is set to be on-going and can/will only end upon active termination from either party.



 • Maintenance related tasks are any tasks involving the client’s website social media accounts that take place after the completion of the website.

• Website maintenance tasks include:
- Fixes to any and all technical issues
- Any and all website requested changes by the client that are limited to an overall site wide re-design
- Creation of images/flyers intended for digital use i.e website and social media. Print designs are to be separate and at a separate cost.

*Note: The client’s signature signifies that they comply with all the terms mentioned within this contract.

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